So. Everyone I know wants socks for christmas. I’ve already started getting cranking. Drops design had their yearly sock yarn sale back in February, and I bought a bunch of sock yarn – a mix of Fabel and Delight.

Now, I really enjoy the Fabel-yarn, even though I bough colors that look better on the skein than knitted in any pattern that’s actually fun to knit. I’ve finished one pair of socks called Synthesia

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socks for mom. #sticka #knitting

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I’ve also started a second pair called Leyburn Socks and queued up Synopticon and Liab (for my father in law).

The delight-yarn however, I can’t really seem to find any patterns that are both fun to knit and that look good in that particular yarn. I’ve tried a few patterns which I’ve ended up ripping up, so any pattern tips are welcome, otherwise those skeins of delight are just gonna sit in my stash forever.

In general I tend to buy variagated yarns that are difficult to do in anything other than stockinette, which is a shame. I like variagated yarns, but I find that the ones I’ve gotten so far are too much. Any tips on sock yarns that are a bit variagated but still look good with simpler lace or cable patterns are highly appreciated.

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