How to seam set in sleeve

For a long time I’ve had issues seaming in sleeves. It’s such a drag when you’ve spent so much time knitting something, and then the finishing is crap. In Swedish we have a saying – “snubbla på mållinjen”, which translated means roughly “to stumble on the finish line”. I’ve done this repeatedly, which has been very frustrating for me.

I know the mattres stitch and other “invisible” seams. I’ve watched videos and googled and tried to do something that looks nice. Most videos show two identical pieces that are being seamed together – which is fine if you’re seaming together a back and front piece, but not enough for a sleeve.

Then, when I was knitting away on this year’s summer cardigan I found it. The holy grail of seaming sleeves videos. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before, but there it was. Beautifully explained, I managed for the first time to seam in sleeves that actually look perfect.

Here’s the link to the video

And here’s a teaser of my summer cardigan – with focus on the sleeve seams


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