Yarn shopping in Destin Florida

So. I’ve been on vacation visiting my sister who currently lives in Destin, Florida. Her husband is in the air force and is currently stationed there for a bit. Besides all the beach niceness and the insanely large outlet I also decided to do some yarn shopping while in the states. I figured there would be different types of yarn that I might have trouble finding here in Sweden. Also, when on vacation I usually have a slightly different spending budget, and boy, was my spending pants on. The moneyz basically flew out of my wallet.

I did some googling beforehand, just to see my yarn store options – I didn’t really want to visit any big chains such as Michael’s or Hobbylobby. Turns out there really was only one option nearby – destin yarn shop. I’m linking to the facebook page because their normal interwebs page seems broken.

The store was really nice. There where a few fellow knitters in there, drinking coffee, chatting and knitting away. They had a nice selection of yarns, and I really liked the woman who seemed to own the store. She gave us a tour, allowed my sister and I to browse in peace and provided excellent tips and advice, helping me spend my entire allocated budget. I could’ve easily spent more, but I had to think about fitting it all in my luggage. Oh, and my husband not having a heart attack.

I went in to the store with a list containing two items:

  1. Yarn in fingering weight for a cardigan for me.
  2. Yarn in dk weight for two different child sweaters / cardigans

Well. I did buy the the ego-cardigan yarn. And then some. Didn’t really get around to buying yarn for anyone else’s knitting projects. Hrm. My kid can do with Swedish yarn…

So here’s pics and brief descriptions of my purchases:


So the yarn for my cardigan. I couldn’t really decide so I bought these two. The blue one is a madelinetosh sock yarn in colorway betty draper’s blue. The intended project is an Emelie¬†cardigan. The other one was a tip from the shop owner. It’s a kit with gradient colors, with instructions on how to get nice passings between the shades. I really like grey. And I really liked the idea. I don’t know what will become of it. Maybe another cardi, or perhaps a summer tunic.

I did get something for a kid’s sweater. This is probably not the best material, but I kind of think it’s a bit adorable.


Next I bought some shrug and shawl yarn:


They grey shiny one I’m thinking of some fancy shrug for dressy dresses. The second one just screamed leafy lace shawl at me, so I had to get it.

Besides the excellent yarn shop I also bought some superchunky acrylic yarn at a garage sale. Have no clue what to do with it, since I really don’t like acrylic yarn. But the huge needles the yarn came with caught my eye, and they really do look nice in my knitting corner. I figured it was worth the three bucks I spent.


For more details on the yarns I bought, please check out my stash on ravelry.

I’ve also decided to try out spinning. While in the states I ordered a beginners kit containing a drop spindle and some fibres that I have no clue what they really are. I’m sure they are crap, but I should atleast try it out and figure out if spinning is my thing before splurging on anything costly.


Well, that’s that. I’ve spent the day organizing my stash trying to fit it all in. More on that in upcoming posts.

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