My little treasurechest of shinies

My new addiction in the world is buttons. Lately I’ve been gathering up loads. I always save random buttons from when you buy regular clothes and you get the extra button, just in case, so I’ve ended up with a bunch of mismatched buttons. Maybe someday, those will actually add up to something.

A while back though, my mom was doing some spring cleaning in her house, and she asked me if I was interested in some buttons. In turns out that my mom is also good at saving stuff. Coming from a communistic country where it was difficult to get a hold of stuff, she also has the habit of removing buttons from old used garments that she throws away (why haven’t I thought about that before?), so she had quite the collection. Here’s a selection of my favorite ones
20150414_095839I also have the habit of checking out auctions on Swedish eBay. You can find some really pretty and rare buttons sometimes. In the last week I found quite the selection. I bought about 20 of each of these beauties off eBay for the meager price of about 150 SEK. That’s winning.

I store my buttons in small ziplock bags in what almost looks like a small treasure chest (which, considering it’s contents, is not far from the truth).


Also, the flea market season is coming up now, so I’ll probably scout around for more pretty shiny buttons (yes it’s it’s a sickness). I just have to figure out some different storage, since my little treasure box is getting quite full. That, and of course, start knitting cardigans. Cardigans with actual buttons (my last two chosen cardigans did not have any buttons at all).

Any tips for space saving, smart storage is welcome!

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