Babynest for little Noah

One of the things I regret not having with my first boy was a babynest. The babynest is a Swedish invention originally, and it’s sort of  a little pillow in which the baby can snuggle in. It’s portable so you can put it on the floor, couch or in your bed, and then easily move it to the crib once your baby is fast asleep.

A babynest is pretty expensive in Sweden so I decided to just buy some fabric and roll my own. There are quite a few guides on how to make them. I used these two excellent blogs as guidance: littlemissfixit and junimamma.

IMG_0222I’m a sucker for owls, so I bought this really pretty owl fabric from, with a nice owl ribbon to go with it. Beside this I also bought some white fabric for the backside of the nest (no one looks there, so no point in using the fancy fabric). I bought one meter of each fabric and have left-over fabric.

As stuffing I bought these really cheap pillows from IKEA – beats any padding material you would buy from a hobby store, from a pricing point of view, atleast in Sweden. I also bought a foam mattress which was cut into shape and used as a separate mattress. This is important, and usually not a feature of the babynest, but I find that being able to remove the mattress and wash the covers has been necessary since we have a little one that spits up quite a lot. We also use the mattress in combination with a rolled up towel to create a mini nest in the stroller.   

We use old pillowcases as sheets for this little standalone mattress, but I’m contemplating using some of the left-over fabric to create better fitting sheets. The mattress is a little too thick and too big for the nest, so I might re-do it if I get the chance.

I got way too sick before I had the chance to actually make the babynest. By the time we got home from the hospital we had baby Noah with us, and I was still kind of messed up, so my husband showed one of his many hidden talents and actually did the sewing himself. I must say, we’re both very pleased with the result. I can’t take any of the credit at all, apart from buying some fabric and finding the two blogs. And Noah seems happy with the result as well.


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