My gradient Hifotude

I started knitting this cardigan while hospitalized with HELLP syndrome. I was quite bored, once I started getting a bit better, I got tired of the baby outfit I was knitting which was quite basic to knit without much happening.

I decided to do a loose cardigan, since I still have a few kilos of pregnancy weight to get rid of. Also I wanted to use my nice gradient yarn kit bought from my shopping tour in Destin FL, last year and they way the Hifotude is constructed fitted it perfectly. Hifotude is a pattern without any seams, with a very cool construction. The sleeves are sort of folded on themselves, as part of knitting the upper body, so there was no need to do any fancy calculations of how much yarn to save so that the gradience would look good on the sleeves. I’m actually thinking of converting this pattern into a bolero with third-quarter sleeves, but more on that if I actually do it.

I did some calculations and used two different skeins across the upper body and sleeves to have the front and back match gradience. There’s a very subtle difference in yarn color for the darkest shades, so it’s hardly noticeable in the photos.

IMG_0142On a few rare occasions I’ve had some alone-time, poured myself a little wine (wow, that was a looong time ago) and knitted away on my hifotude.

 While knitting the body and sleeves seemed a little tight but I figured blocking would take care of that, since superwash yarns have a tendency to stretch. I’m really glad I made that call, because otherwise the cardigan w ould have been really oversize.

I did some slight alterations with the length. I’m a fairly short person. Actually I’m a really short person, but I still felt that the cardigan length was too short for me. There are plenty of tricks on ravelry for adding length to hifotude. There’s a whole group dedicated to this cardigan (that’s how popular it is).

I added length by knitting the first increases exactly as the pattern calls for. After two increases with two pattern repetitions each, I did three pattern repetitions before increasing further. I also added one more increase with three pattern repetitions.

One thing I’m not thrilled with is they lighter colors of the yarn. They tend to pool a little bit, creating awkward spots at times. It’s not so bad that I can’t live with it, but I was hoping that the yarn would look somewhat the same in the darker shades as in the lighter ones – not variegated rather just gradually getting lighter. I think it’s a bit weird, that there’s a mixture of the two ways of switching colors within one and the same kit. Then again, the kit is created for shawls, so it might look differently then.

20150712_15175320150712_151743  hifotude

Overall, I really like the fit and the length. And it was a really fun knit too.

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