Triple-cardigan Challenge (#trippelkofta)

So, I’m listening to a Swedish podcast called Rätt avigt. It’s a bunch of girls discussing knitting and knitting-related topics in a relaxed, slightly messy way. They have started sort of a challenge where the goal is to create three well-fitted cardigans in one year. I had already started my hifotude when this challenge was announced, so one down, two more to go.

This year, I would like to also finish a well-fitted Praline in my pretty Alpacka Silke from Sandnes, and an Emelie in my pretty Madelinetosh sock in Betty Draper Blue.

The challenge can be closely monitored on Instagram, with the tag #trippelkofta. One person has already completed the challenge (how the hell???), and others have just started. For me, the magic dates will be April 30, to May 1st 2016.

So… Challenge accepted.

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