Buttonloving yarnaholic

Ok, I know I wasn’t supposed to buy any more yarn in a while. But I need help. I’m a yarnaholic. And I really can’t resist a good deal either. Norwegian Pickles decided to have a yarnsale of colors that are to be discontinued. It was up to 80 % off, so my triggerhappy little fingers clicked, clicked, clicked home a few skeins of this and that;


First I bought two different colors of Pickes Extra Fine Merino. One green-blue toned, of which I bought 10 skeins, and that will most likely become a cardigan or sweater for me. I did a quick search of DK weight cardigans and sweaters amongst my favorites, and there are a few. I’m thinking maybe a Shinobi. The second merino yarn is in a light blue color, which I bought for making some kind of sweater or cardigan for my youngest. I had a few ideas when my older boy Eliah, was a baby, but I didn’t manage to knit it all before he was too big. I really like Jiminy, but being a closed sweater I’m wondering about the practicality of such a garment on a baby. I might choose to do a cardigan of some sort instead. We’ll see.

IMG_0311 IMG_0310

Lastly I couldn’t resist clicking home some bling. It was 10 SEK a pop (that’s about 1.5 USD). I only bought one skein of each (which is about 200 metres per skein), but I think I will use it for decorating a more festive cardigan yoke in grey or yellow. We’ll see, I don’t actually have any concrete plans for this yarn yet. But it will come to me eventually.

Also, the other day, I was just going to order a zipper for an ongoing project. Because I was ordering it online, I felt like I should get something more, given shipping cost and all. I bought some decorative edgings to stitch into cardigans. Oh, and yes, a few more buttons because I really need them.

My husband already thinks I have waaay too much yarn. And he’s probably right. My name is Ilinca, and I’m a buttonloving yarnaholic.

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