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Eliahs Steggie

So I’ve finally finished Eliahs Steggie. It was a really fast knit, despite having to adjust and do some math to get the gauge right for a thinner yarn. The Alpaca Sport from Viking of Norway is quite nice to … Continue reading

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Things that annoy me about Wooly

I decided to go for two blog entries this week, because the previous post was not really a yarn related one. So here’s the post I originally planned. I used to own a Samsung-galaxy-something phone. Excellent phone. I had ravelry … Continue reading

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Liebster award

Ha! Someone actually reads my blog. And likes it enough to nominate me for an award. That is awesome. Thanks to orangesmoothieknits for the nomination. The liebster award is sort of like a chain letter where the nominated nominates new … Continue reading

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Christmas in August

Ok, so every year I say I won’t knit christmas gifts, because I should knit more for myself, and every year I start thinking of christmas gifts and spend months on end knitting them. This year is no different. In … Continue reading

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Math-Foo – recalculating for different gauge

I decided to knit a Steggie for my older son, Eliah. I just love playful clothes on kids, and knitting gives me the opportunity to create something fun and unique. Unfortunately my brain sometimes does stupid things. Like buying DK … Continue reading

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Striped Stripes

It’s been a slow week knitting-wise. The whole family has been on vacation, which means we have the 2.5 year old running wild around the house, all the while little Noah has been quite colicky. We’ve switched over to dairy-free … Continue reading

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