Christmas in August

Ok, so every year I say I won’t knit christmas gifts, because I should knit more for myself, and every year I start thinking of christmas gifts and spend months on end knitting them. This year is no different. In fact, I haven’t really wanted to start anything for myself, since I still have some pregnancy weight and boobage to get rid of.

I started knitting christmas gifts in July. I don’t want to be all stressed at the last minute so I started really early this year. I’ve already finished two smaller projects, which I’m not really going to reveal here, because I don’t want to spoil any surprises. But looking at my list, the christmas plan, if you will I still wonder if I’m going to have the time. Here’s some of the planned objects without actually revealing too much about the projects and who they’re for:

  • As many pairs of children’s socks that I can muster out of left over yarns. My older son and niece are the intended recipients.
  • Noah is getting a sweater or cardigan. I’m thinking either Jiminy or winging a pretty little cardigan in light blue.
  • I’m working on a Steggie for Eliah, but I think he might be getting it for his birthday to really get some wear out of it during the fall, so I have to find another cardigan to knit for him for christmas.
  • I’m working on some kids hats and collars out of left-over yarns. Those are small, quick projects of things you can never have too much of for your kids. I also have a bunch of left-over fabric from various projects that I’m thinking of using as lining for the hats.
  • The men in my family need accessories like hats and cowls. Most of them use old, raggedy things that really need replacing. We’ll see how much time I have to finish.
  • There’s also a few pairs of mittens to be knitted. I’m thinking stranded, because it’s a technique I need to practice.
  • Socks, socks and more socks. Everyone wants and needs warm socks.
  • My little niece has both christmas and a birthday coming up in January, so there’s a quite a few items to be knitted there. You’ve already seen the striped dress. Other than that there will be socks, and maybe an owlet or a foxy cowl – since she’s really into foxes.

As usual, I have loads of yarns, but almost nothing that fit any of these projects. So I need to buy yarn. again. Oh well 🙂

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