Things that annoy me about Wooly

I decided to go for two blog entries this week, because the previous post was not really a yarn related one. So here’s the post I originally planned.

I used to own a Samsung-galaxy-something phone. Excellent phone. I had ravelry right in my pocket, using the excellent ravulous app. There’s some functionality missing there, but I’m pretty sure it’s due to limitations of the ravelry mobile API (the functionality available to programmers to interact with for a given site). I had always heard that the iOS versions where better, and it makes sense – alot of people develop primarily for iOS, it’s a popular mobile platform.

I was quite content with the android version, though. Despite the limitations and somewhat slowness of it, it behaved correctly. However, a few months ago, when Noah was newly born, my zombie-self was fumbling for the  phone during a nightly preemie tube feeding, and I dropped the damn phone on the damn floor. The phone was no more, and apart from rescuing the photos, there was nothing I could do to revive the thing, whoose screen went completely dark. My husband managed to lend me an iPhone, and I was content to have any kind if smartphone.

I payed for, and downloaded Wooly. It was more expensive than the android version. I remember thinking that it was a bit pricey for an app with limited access, but I’m addicted to ravelry, I want to be able to browse my queue while yarn-shopping and show off my projects to people, so I payed up.

I’m quite annoyed with the whole thing. It’s buggy as sh*t, and is even more limited than the android version. Here’s a small selection of stuff that annoys the crap out of me:

  • Order of stash and projects is never correct, no matter how you sort it.
  • At any given time, not all entries in stash and projects are visible. It’s random which ones show up, because the sorting is broken.
  • Vital information about the stash is missing. Things like colorway for instance. It makes it impossible to distinguish between similar stash entries without photos. It’s also hard to upload said photos. The android version shows this info, and also adds a frame colored with the color-family around the entry, which is quite nifty and gives a quick overview.
  • Pattern browsing is more or less non-existent. There’s viewing of sponsored patterns, or searching for a pattern by exact name. The android version allowed for a limited search and browsing. Slow, but somewhat functioning.
  • Accessing one entry in stash or projects sometimes randomly opens a completely different entry.
  • The whole app is incredibly slow. Ever heard of caching?
  • Purchased patterns available in the library aren’t downloadable, a function which is available for android. It’s super-annoying, because it means you have to access ravelry through the browser to get the PDF. What’s the point of having an app if you still need to use the browser?

I’m sure I’d find loads more stuff if I actually used the app, but as it is, I find it quite unusable. I’m quite tech-savvy so if I can’t figure out how to eliminate these issues I’m having, I’m confident in saying that it is in fact useless. Since it doesn’t seem to be maintained either, I’m tempted to roll my own app. I just have to learn objetive C first. In the meantime, don’t buy it. It’s utterly sucky and useless.

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1 Response to Things that annoy me about Wooly

  1. polwygle says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m intrigued by the third party apps, but I prefer going to the site directly on my phone. It’s a format I’m familiar with, plus I know I have access to all I need.

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