Eliahs Steggie

So I’ve finally finished Eliahs Steggie. It was a really fast knit, despite having to adjust and do some math to get the gauge right for a thinner yarn. The Alpaca Sport from Viking of Norway is quite nice to work with and it was a pleasure to knit the cardigan. That is, until it was time for the finishing.


Oh. My. God. The cardigan is knit in pieces. Five of them to be exact. I tried to figure out a way to do it in one piece, but given how the sleeves are knit with intarsia, it would still have required alot of work and seaming to get it right, no matter if you knitted in pieces or not. I’m a pretty good knitter, my rows and stitches are even and all that, but I’ve never been that great with finishes. As soon as I have seaming to do, my garment starts to look home-made.

This time I really wanted to take the time and do it right. I looked at tutorials on youtube;

At some point I thought I’d never finish the darn thing. I mean, after seaming together the whole thing into one piece, I had to knit the hood (the sixth piece), and then you knit two pieces of dinosaur edgings, one of each color and seam that to the hood. And once you do that you still have to add the zipper…

steggie4 steggie5

Either way, I’m glad I took my time, because I really like the end result. It looks very professional if I may say so myself. I had to buy the zipper twice, because I winged the first one and it turned out to be too long (“accidently” bought some more yarn-related things but more on that later). When in doubt, always buy the shorter zipper. It’s easier to adjust for that, than to customize the length, especially if it’s a plastic one. I hand-stitched the zipper, and it’s not as pretty as it could be, but I was way too lazy to bring out the sewing machine just for that, and I was abit afraid that the seams would be to visible on the front of the knitting.

Thought of adding a pocket, but settled for the vanilla pattern. Might add a fabric aplique in red if I get the time later on.

steggie3 steggie1

When it started coming together Eliah was actually excited, trying to hold on to the knitting saying it was his sweater, so I’m hoping we’ll get alot of wear out of this one. However, getting a soon-to-be three year old to stand still and take pretty pictures is like trying to get a cat to take a shower, so you might have to take my word for it.


As usual you can find information on yardage and such on ravelry.

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