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How to fail at writing knitting chart generators – part 1

Knitting Chart Maker for iOS Ok, so I’ve been working on a little pattern, and I had the need to create a small chart. Not anything big and complicated, so I figured how hard can it be. Now, I know … Continue reading

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Birthday desires

So my birthday is coming up fairly soon, and family members are bugging me with questions regarding my wants and needs. I’m really not in the mood to celebrate my birthday, mostly because I’m so tired, I can’t be social … Continue reading

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Sock yarns – and other goodies

Whoops. I’ve done it again. Remember how I said I wouldn’t buy more yarn? Well, it lasted for about a total of what? Two weeks? To be fair, I’ve started the christmas knitting for real, and it turns out I … Continue reading

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General sadness

I’m going to go way off topic for this post. It has nothing to do with knitting what so ever, but these thoughts have dominated my mind for the last few days, and so I felt it was important to … Continue reading

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