Sock yarns – and other goodies

Whoops. I’ve done it again. Remember how I said I wouldn’t buy more yarn? Well, it lasted for about a total of what? Two weeks?

To be fair, I’ve started the christmas knitting for real, and it turns out I had very little sock yarn in my stash. I always try to have two projects on the needles, one portable pattern (socks or other small items) and one larger. Well, I finished one pair of socks and I realized I probably didn’t have any yarn to start any new socks.

My first “haul” (to use the lingo of youtube youngsters – God, that made me feel old) was from my very local seamstress shop. She has a very limited supply of yarns, but I didn’t think I’d have time to go anywhere else anytime soon so I figured I’d go there and see if I found anything. I didn’t really see anything pop out at me, but the owner is so nice and helpful that I felt obligated to buy something. So I left the store with two skeins of a fairly bulky sock yarn from Swedish Järbo. I’ve never knitted socks that bulky, but I’ll give it a go, for some really warm winter socks.

My second haul was from the webshop I mentioned in my Steggie-post that I bought the wrong zipper the first time, so I had to order a second, shorter one. Well, if you’re going to pay for shipping…. So I bought two skeins of black Regia, and something very colorful from a brand I’ve never tried before. I’m thinking some kind of broken moss stitch or bubble socks.

Sock yarns!

Sock yarns!

In between all this, I started working on some scrap yarn socks of my own inventing. And naturally, I ran out of scraps. While I was in town to do some errands and visit work, I went to the store to buy some more, and almost left the store without the yarn I needed. I kept adding other types of sock yarn in my shopping basket, and remembered finally, at the register that I also needed the yarn I actually came into the store to get in the first place. True story. That constituted my third haul.

In addition, checking instagram proved to be very dangerous. I should definitely stay clear if I want to avoid any more purchases. I “accidently” bought two very yummie yarns by just looking at photos.

The first yarn came from a yarnsale. A person in my feed was getting rid of some stuff in her stash, I’m assuming in an attempt to fit in newer purchases (I’m just assuming everyone does things like me). I bought sweater quantity Malabrigo worsted in a very nice shade of green. Not sure what it will become yet. I’m thinking maybe a Chuck, or some nice leafy cardigan to go with the color.IMG_0559

Next, one of my favorite indie yarn dyer, dandelionyarns, had done a gradient kit in pretty green / turqoise. The yarn is all organic, merino – mohair blend. I mean how can you even begin to resist such a thing? It is so pretty, so shiny, and I’m just looking at it almost every day. I’m still not sure what it will become, but I’m sure it will come to me eventually. IMG_0538

I have no self-discipline what so ever. I’m justifying it with socks being christmas gifts and all, but I know deep down that I’ll end up keeping at least one pair of the socks for myself. I’m not even going to promise to not buy anything more, because I know I will (still missing some of the christmas components).

My stash is now officially bursting with stuff. There’s yarn everywhere and I have no more room at all. I have to get more knitting time, but it’s easier said and done with two small kids that don’t like sleeping (at least not alone). I think I might have to move out into the wilderness or something while I work on reducing my stash, because apparently I can’t handle having internet. Normally, I spend my days being super-busy at work, but staying at home with Noah gives me too many opportunities to look at pretty stuff.

And I am working on things. I’m making good progress on my Praline in soft Sandnes Alpaka Silke. And socks of course, I’m working on knitting my own pattern in grown-up size.

More detalis about the yarns, yardage colorway and such can be found on my ravelry page.

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2 Responses to Sock yarns – and other goodies

  1. polwygle says:

    I’m curious to see how that top rainbow yarn knits up. What’s the brand name so I can drool over it on Ravelry? Please.

    • ilinca says:

      I’m also excited to see the result. I’m thinking of something like broken stitch seed or just doing something stranded with black. Anyway, there are two sort of rainbowy yarns. The blue-orangy one is called Nordlys, from Viking of Norway. The second, more pinkish/purple is Rellana garne flotte in colorway Kolibri.

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