Birthday desires

So my birthday is coming up fairly soon, and family members are bugging me with questions regarding my wants and needs. I’m really not in the mood to celebrate my birthday, mostly because I’m so tired, I can’t be social at the moment. 

Little Noah is very clingy and needy right now, and he doesn’t care if it’s night or day, so I’m in zombie mode. I don’t really need any stuff either. Clothing-wise I still don’t want anything new, because my body’s still stabilizing – shape and weight-wise, and as for stuff, we’re moving in less than a year, so rather than buying stuff, I’m trying to get rid of things. The only thing I’m really in the mood for is crafting stuff. Right now, it’s what gets me through the day. It’s soothing, meditation, and the only thing keeping my sanity.

I’m not expecting anyone in my family to actually read this,  much less buy any of it, but if they do here’s a small list of things I would enjoy;

  • Fibre for spinning. Something nice and easy that would work for a spindle.
  • Sweater quantity yarn from NBK yarn. I’ve been drooling over it, but I can’t really motivate a purchase given the current state of my stash. Any weight will do in any of the colder colors, including grey. I’ve been eyeing lust and the various red shades, aswell as Frisky and the crazy cerise color.
  • Extra cables (80 cm) for my small hiya hiya set.
  • The large hiya hiya sharp needle set. I mostly knit on small needles, but that’s partly because I mostly have decent small needles.
  • Sharp needle in 2.5mm size (either hiya hiya or signature needles)
  • A yarn bowl. Preferably a nerdy one. I once saw one on Etsy in the shape of the Deathstar. I NEED it.
  • Books; A stitch in time, both volumes, Vakker strik, anything for sewing as a total beginner. Especially sewing for kids.
  • Plucky knitter yarn. Since the shop updates are done around 2 A.M. for me, I highly doubt I will ever have the patience.
  • Sock blockers
  • Spinning wheel, allthough I currently have nowhere to put it.
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