Level up!

So I’ve finally taken the leap and created my own little pattern. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s still a milestone for my crafting.IMG_0613

My sister asked for some socks for my little niece, who’s turning two in January. It turns out I had some scraps of sockyarn, but I couldn’t find any fun kid socks. They’re all just so boring to knit with just rib stitches. So I decided to roll my own.

I wanted something fairly easy, because it’s still just kid socks, and they’re going to grow out of the socks before you even blink. I also wanted something that could easily be modified in size. Lastly, because most of the yarn I had was scraps of variagated yarn, I didn’t want anything with too much detail, since it would be lost in the yarn and just become noise anyways.

So I decided that some cables would fit nicely, together with colored ribbing, toe and re-inforced heel (unfortunately for my first pair, I ran out of purple yarn for the heel). The cables are situated on the side of the sock for the calf-section, and wander into the middle of the sock on the foot. The sock consists of scraps of left-over Drops Fabel sock yarn, in purple and blue.

I quite enjoyed my experiment and decided to knit them in grown up size as well. Here I decided to use ONline Supersocke in combination with black Drops Fabel. I’m absolutely in love with the slight washed out color of the self-striping yarn. The socks don’t actually match color-wise, I made no effort to make it so, but for me, that’s one of the fun and slightly quirky things of handmade socks.

So, there’s the story behind the first pattern I’ve made. The biggest challenge in the process has been to find adequate tools for charting. That has become increasingly frustrating, as some of the more regular readers might have read. I will most likely release the pattern with written instructions only, later this week, and try to modify it once I actually find the tools necessary.  More information about the yarns and projects can as usual be found on ravelry.

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