With fall comes the common cold and other ailments

What a week. Little baby Noah has had a fever all week. It worsened toward the end of the week, and I finally took him to the doctor on Friday, after two nights with 40 degrees (Celsius) fever. Poor fellow has been sleeping poorly and eaten poorly. 

In Sweden we have this system, where you have a primary care-giver that you go to with milder infections and diseases. Unfortunately our care-giver is beyond incomptent. I’ve had several issues with them, both when they’ve treated me, but also with Eliah. So it was Noah’s turn to be misdiagnosed. They checked his throat, took some blood, checked his lungs and such, and found nothing, so we where sent home. Yesterday the little guy started getting a rash, and today he was crying constantly, which is quite unlike him, so we decided to go to the ER.

The rash turned out to be of no importance. It’s most likely a reaction from the cold. However, they did discover that he had otitis, so now we’re on antibiotics. The ER-doctor agreed that they should have found it during the exam on Friday, and thought it was a shame that baby Noah had to be in pain for so long.

All the while this has been going on all week (I’ve been sleepig like 2-3 hours per night, I’m such a mess right now) it’s also been Eliahs birthday. He’s such a big boy now. Can’t believe it’s already been three years! We celebrated his birthday, and also threw him a birthday party on Saturday, which I almost cancelled because of Noah. Yesterday was wild, with kids allover, and even more toys everywhere. Eliah did have a great time, despite his super-tired parents.

Knitting-wise I’ve finished a few small items. My Borrough mittens are almost done, just have to fasten the buttons. I’ve also finished a baby cardigan and mittens for Noah. But because of the chaos there hasn’t been any time to snap any pictures. Hopefully I’ll have some time, and energy, next week. With the antibiotics, I’m hoping to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep tonight. Fingers crossed!

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1 Response to With fall comes the common cold and other ailments

  1. polwygle says:

    I just had to come back to this post and comment how aligned our households must be. We’ve fallen victim to the nefarious cold. I hope your family finds respite soon. (hugs)

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