Winter is coming – baby edition

Winter is coming.

And my youngest, who has finally learned to enjoy sitting in his stroller, needs some proper wooly outfits. So I’ve been working on that.

I’m not really a fast knitter nowadays. Noah has this thing where if he could, he would sit strapped to me, and eat, all hours of the day. Currently, every hour, every night. We’ve been trying to make him stop, to feed him a bunch before bed time, to have him cry it out a little bit in his bed – which only made it worse, because he’s stubborn, so he became a pain during the day as well. He’s also been sick alot lately, which adds to the bad temper and sleepless nights. Anyway, he’s small, and he has a lot of growing to catch up, because he had such a rough start, so I don’t really want to be to brutal with him. So I’m kind of back at trying to just suck it up and deal with it as best I can.

I think I’m bordering on depression, due to lack of sleep, and I can totally understand how this is used as torture in some countries. It’s excruciating, and allthough knitting helps, my brain is mostly mush, so I keep having to rip things and start over. My praline and other ego-knittings are currently on the shelf, gathering dust, and small projects such as socks and baby clothing is currently all I can muster. That’s always something, right?


The first pattern i did was a fold-over cardigan called Kyoto. I think it turned out pretty good. I used the light blue baby merino yarn bought from Pickles on a sale, a while back. I really enjoyed the pattern and I think it’s a really good and sweet baby cardigan that works for both boys and girls. I’ll most likely revisit  the pattern if/when my friends decide to start having babies. Only downside is that the cardigan is somewhat on the small side, so we won’t be able to wear it for that long. It’s not brutally blocked, which I might turn to, in order to increase the wear time. I knitted it the 6-month size, and baby Noah is a small baby so it’s a little disappointing. I’m not sure if the sizing is a little bit off, or if it’s just my gauge. Could be both.

IMG_0671IMG_0674I used up less yardage than i anticipated, so I had almost two full skeins (Infuriatingly, I ran out of wool six rows from finishing the second sleeve on the cardigan), left over to play with. I decided to knit him some wooly accessories as well. I did baby-mittens, the kind with no thumbs. It was a really fast knit, but the icords took almost longer to knit than the actual mittens. I used the pattern called soft wave baby mittens and I added an icord between the mittens so you can fasten them inside an overall or cardigan to help them stay in place.

IMG_0689Lastly, I decided Noah needed some socks. I still had plenty of yarn in matching color. I had some grand plan of knitting the lettuce stitch from the Kyoto pattern on the sock instep, but in the end, I decided against making a classical baby sock alltoghether, and decided to try a spiral tube sock pattern instead. This, in order to get more wear out of the sock – babyfeet grow fast!

I think the fall/winter baby set is quite complete. Contemplating knitting a hat too, but we’d already bought a cute one, so there’s no panic. Noah seemed to find the icord and baby mittens quite tasty!IMG_0686

As usual, it’s all up on ravelry for your to admire.

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4 Responses to Winter is coming – baby edition

  1. Danka_Zee says:

    Please make sure that these cords don’t wrap around your baby’s neck. Just thought, I might get your attention to it.

    • tuathaa says:

      Thanks for your concern. The icord for the mittens is there in order for the mittens to be inserted into the sleeves of cardigans / overalls or jackets, and to hold the mittens in place. Once the mitten comes out of the sleeve, the lenght is actually quite short, and so it can’t really wrap around anyone’s neck – not even a baby’s. There are several such designed overalls on sale, at least in Sweden, and I’ve never heard of any baby’s dying from it.

      The cardigan icords are also quite short. One can also argue that icords are more safe than buttons, because buttons can fall off and be a choking hazard.

      As with everything, it comes down to supervising your children. In the end, almost everything is dangerous for a baby. We don’t wear any of these garments while playing on the floor or somesuch, only outside, in the stroller, where there are also belts and other security measures to make sure the little one doesn’t move around too much.

  2. polwygle says:

    Very handsome model wearing some lovely woolies. I chuckled about the sleep deprivation as torture bit. Our oldest is three and a half years old, and well, we manage to exist only through the grace of coffee and God. Hopefully it gets better…

    • tuathaa says:

      Oh yes. My oldest is also three. He’s still not sleeping through the whole night. At least not every night. As for it getting better, I’m not so sure. I think you give up on sleep when you decide to have kids. My neighbour has a 16-year old, so she’s once again not sleeping through the nights 🙂

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