Over the pond and back

I’m back from my trip to Clovis, New Mexico. Got in on Tuesday, but was too jetlagged to even move, much less  blog. It was nice to get away for a bit, but two weeks still was plenty of time to make me miss home and the boys I left behind, so I’m glad I’m back in Sweden, despite being greeted by cold and rain.

Baby Noah apparently likes flying and slept quite well in his basinette. The bad news is that he’s also very sensitive to jetlag. I’m so tired I barely feel the jetlag, I could basically sleep any time anywhere, but he insists on waking up at around 1 a.m. and refuses to go to sleep for two hours or more. He also managed to get a cold from his cousin, Stella, before departure, so that does nothing to improve he situation.

The trip was nice. Hanging out with my sister and her beatiful family is always nice. Clovis is a small town, not much to do, and to my despair no yarn shop. I found references to a few yarnshops online, but we couldn’t find any of them, so apparently the information was old and stale. However, I bought so much other stuff, mostly for the kids, but a little for me as well, that I wouldn’t have been able to fit any yarn into my suitcase. And Hobby Lobby. Oh. My. God. I’m glad I don’t live next to such a shop. I would have to quit my job and begin crafting full time.

imageI bought some crochet thread, hoping I can master crochet enough to make some nice  snow flakes for the christmas tree. I also found some knitting accessories – the type of items you always think you should buy but never get around to. And, of course, buttons. I prefer to knit in natural fibres, so the Hobby Lobby / Walmart yarn selection wasn’t really for me. Don’t get me wrong, had I not brought enough projects to keep me going I would’ve gotten something to keep me busy, but considering I have yarn pouring out of my stash I don’t need to be buying any, just for the sake of it.image

My sister was also so kind to donate some yarn to my stash. She’s been holding on to it for a few years and didn’t really know what to do with it. Neither do I, but I really like the colors, and I generally lack thicker yarns in my otherwise full yarn stash, so I was quick to adopt the poor skeins.

Apart from shopping clothes and kid’s toys and somesuch, I got some help with sleep training baby Noah. It didn’t take that much, and he finally stopped waking up every hour, and sleeping in his own bed. I really hope we can get back to that once the cold and jetlag goes away.

I finished the second sleeve for my Praline cardigan, started a baby cardigan on the plane, and some broken seed stitch socks. But there wasn’t really all that much time for knitting. We where too busy just hanging out. And drinking wine. And playing Settlers of Catan.

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