It finally fits!

Baby Noah has finally grown into one of his baby outfits, I knitted for him while in the hospital! And the timing is great, since the weather is getting a bit colder!

He seems to like all things knitted, and likes playing with woolen socks, handknits, threads and skeins of yarn, so while wearing this body, he was also trying to eat it.

imageI’ve also treated myself to some Kalinka linnen yarn, by Karin Öberg, from someone selling it on Facebook for a good deal. This beautiful grey-blue shiny yarn is most likely going to be some kind for summer tunic. I have plenty of it too, about 1600 metres, so it might be enough for two projects.

I was also supposed to include some pictures of the family riding the steam train, to the yearly Nynäshamn christmas market, but instead my husband got the stomach flu, so the weekend was spent at home.

I seem to have gotten a very mild form of whatever husband dear had, with just nausea and some fever, which is why  I have very little knitting to talk about this week. I also blame Minecraft, my new timesink.

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  1. Very cute post!

    Feel free to enter the giveaway on my blog. 🙂


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