Harvest Borough

This week comes with two posts. Mostly because this project is waay overdue. I actually finished this project way back in October, and was going to take all kinds of pretty pictures with pumpkins and other harvest related props. But then, of course, life happened, and it’s December, so where doing christmas-y props. It still works, and the winter in Sweden still hasn’t quite arrived, so I’m getting alot of wear out of my new mittens.

You ever had one of those skeins  in your stash that you have no idea what to make of? One of those that looks alot better on the skein than as a knitting? In the beginning of my stashing days, before I had a full understanding of what kind of knitting I enjoyed, I bought plenty such skeins and they’ve mostly been lying around. As it is, I mostly knit larger items, that require more than one or two skeins, and I prefer structural knitting or cable  knitting, which easily becomes messy, with messy yarns.

Anyway, I’m so happy I found the Borough pattern. It fits the yarn perfectly. And I needed accessories too!

My husband actually really liked the mittens as well, and would like something similar in a more conservative color. The mittens themselves are knitted in soft merino wool, called Abuelita, from Norwegian Pickles. The pattern calls for Aran or Bulky weight, but I have like the world’s smallest hands, so I used Worsted weight.

I made a small mistake. As it turns out my sleep deprived, hormonal mind started the mittens in the larger size, and finished the mitten top in the smaller size. I noticed the mistake once I’d finished the first mitten. I went right ahead and knitted the second one in the same way, for consistency.

I had to make some modifications – as I saw, on ravelry, others did as well to make the mitten top a bit longer. I think I ripped it about three times before it turned out right. It’s still not 100 % right. If I’d do it again, I would probably make the mitten top a bit longer still, because there’s a small gap when closing the mitten, that allows some cold to seep through.


But overall, I’m quite pleased with the result. It’s my first mitten attempt ever. Not to shabby, If I may say so myself.

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