Bad christmas mojo and thoughts on ripping

Wait, it’s like one more week until christmas? You have to be joking. This actually means that I’m on my last few days of parental leave. Part of me is very happy to be back at work. I’ve had some of the most stressful days of my entire life on parental leave, and some of the most frustrating ones too. Obviously I’m a little sad that it’s ending too. Especially since I’m never ever going to have more kids. My past pregnancy experiences have put an end to that, and if that weren’t enough, I have my plate full with just the two kids, thanks for asking.

Remember my somewhat cocky list of stuff that I would knit for christmas? Well, as it turns out, I might have been slightly optimistic about the amount of time I would have to get things done. I have finished a few projects, a pair of socks there, a little hat there, baby cardigan and some other small items, which will be posted here after christmas, but it’s not nearly as complete as the list I had back in August. It turns out you don’t knit so fast, when sleeping poorly 🙂

Ok, so there’s one more week, but I’m not going to sweat it. I’m done stressing. I’ve knitted as many gifts as I could, the rest are store-bought, and as for christmas food, and all that other stuff, I’m just going to buy most of it. I’m feeling that lazy. Normally I quite enjoy cooking, but I’m seriously tired, and I have both kids, full time, so there’s no efficiency in anything I’m doing. Noah is teething, Eliah has a bit of a cold, everyone’s up running around all through the night… Again… Noah has also hit some type of separation anxiety, where he wants to be around me 24 / 7. I can barely go to the bathroom alone right now. So with that in mind, I’ve done an excellent knitting year.

As for gifts, well I’m not really getting any this year. I mean, I kind of decided I don’t need anything. There’s plenty I would like. I almost bought stuff during the last Plucky update, but I stopped myself at the last moment. I also almost signed up for an NBK yarn club, but again, stopped myself. I need to empty my stash a bit, before splurging more. Next year, is stashbusting / splurge of luxury yarn year. It’s going to be two of my new year’s resolutions.

Well, I’m not holdiay knitting, but I’m actually still working on a few items. My Praline cardigan is momentarily on hold, despite having most of the body and both sleeves done. After christmas I will make an attempt to finish it. In a stashbusting attempt, and also because it’s frikkin cold, I’m making a few fake collars and necks for the kids. I’m also practicing my colorwork, by knitting a pair of Perianth gloves. Love the pattern, but not sure about the yarn selection. Thoughts on that? Rip or keep?

So, one more week until christmas. I have no christmas mojo, just tired rants.

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  1. polwygle says:

    Hmm, it’s not as vibrant as the photo, but I do personally like it. In the end, though, it’s whether or not you like it.

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