Summarizing 2015 – year of yarn and birth

Wow. What a year it’s been. I mean really, without exagerating. It all started with the mother of all crappy pregnancies, which endes with the birth of little baby boy Noah, 7 weeks ahead of schedule, and severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrom. It’s been a mentally and physically challenging year, with tremendous joy, but lots of frustration and sadness as well. It’s bittersweet to think I won’t have any more children, but I’m also quite content and thankful for the two perfect boys I do have. I’m also incredibly thankful for my supporting husband who is now going on parental leave and has been with me through this emotional rollercoaster.

Knitting and yarn-wise, 2015 has been the year I’ve stashed more than ever. Looking at my ravelry stats, one can see that I indeed shop more when I don’t work. Buying yarn and knitting has been my comfort throughout the tough periods during this year, resulting an a whooping 22 659  stashed meters (about 24 780 yards). That’s almost three years worth of knitting material, if I’m to go on how much yarn I actually go through in a year. This year I’ve knitted a little over 8000 metres (8700 yards) divided over 26 projects.

The finished projects this year includes

  • 5 pairs of socks plus one pair of toddler socks and one pair of baby socks
  • 3 hats – two for me none of which fits and one for my husband which looks great. I’ve also knitted one preemie hat and one child sized hat.
  • One cardigan for me, and one child sized cardigan for my son
  • Three baby cardigans
  • One baby blanket, which will forever be associated with Downton Abbey and preeclampsia.
  • One baby body, one pair of baby overalls and one toddler sized dress
  • One pair of baby mittens and two pairs normal sized mittens
  • One fake turtleneck for Noah.

I also have two active wips, one of which I’m still scrambling to finish before midnight (mission impossible, since there’s seaming and picking up stitches for button bands involved). I only have one UFO in the pile, and it’s only a UFO because I’ve been pregnant and unable to to fit into it. In addition to all of this I’ve managed to release my first pattern. It’s just socks, but it was sort of a “Level up” moment for me.

Besides all the yarn shopping there’s been loads of button-shopping as well, leaving me with a pretty extensive button stash as well.

To summarize it’s been a pretty good year. I’m now looking forward to starting work again, and getting back to my career. I also look forward to a much calmer and less emotional year, watching my children grow and thrive.

We are going to be busy though. Work will most likely take up alot of my time, and we’re also moving half way across town into a much bigger home. As for the knitting, I have pretty ambitious goals. We’ll se how well I manage to fulfill them.

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