Flash da Stash 2016

Every year, there’s a tradition on Ravelry to flash your so called stash. Up until now, my stash has been pretty modest, but last year I kind of overdid it and bought tremendous amounts of yarn, so this year, there’s actually something to show off. And let me tell you, it’s one thing to see the yarn when it’s all packed up in it’s boxes, or as separate entries on Ravelry, and a whoooole different story to just take everything out all at once and take a look at it.

I decided to take it all out of its boxes and bins, and let it breathe for a bit. It was enough to almost cover my bed, which is about 160 cm wide (I think that corresponds to about a Queen size bed). And that’s not really all, I’m still waiting for the last thing I bought before the year endes – some fabulous Plucky knitter yarn, which was my (husbands) christmas gift to me.


All of it


Thankfully my stash is well protected and still intact. I’m scared to death, to get some kind of infestation of bugs or insetts chugging away at my pretties.

Now I need to get back to knitting. So far this year, I haven’t finished squat. My praline cardigan is a work in progress that’s closest to being done, but after completely pigging out during the holidays I’m actually quite worried I won’t fit into it, so I’m kind of dragging my feet to finish it.

The Perianth mittens are getting there. It’s a really fun pattern, but it’s quite time-consuming because I’m not really used to doing color-work. I’m a little scared that I’ll end up with a pair of mismatched something again, because of the contrast yarn i chose, and I’m pretty sure I’ve changed my gauge (atleast for the width) throughout the project, but it’s too far along now, to give up, and since I’m making them for me I’ll probably use them regardless.

Last but not least I had to throw something on the needles that doesn’t require any concentration. We’re watching The Walking Dead again, and I kept having to rip the Perianth pattern, because I couldn’t keep up the attention, so I’ve cast on for a warm overall from Norwegian Viking garn for Noah, that will fit him well during the spring, when the normal winter overalls are slightly too warm. The first part of the overall is mostly stockinette with increases for the legs, so it’s almost boring.


Come Monday I start working again, which is going to be great fun. Not sure about the impact it will have on my knitting time. It might increase it because I have time to knit during the computer. I’m not allowed to start any more projects though, until I finish one of those currently on my needles.

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