Christmas allover again

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve started working again, which by the way is awesome. Unfortunately this means that the knitting blog has been somewhat neglected. Work, everyday life and the techblog have dominated my free time.

I have finished projects (OK, one project – the praline cardigan is still in the “I’m-too-bigboned-to-wear-it-bag”). I’m knitting on the train, and in some meetings at work, and during those few precious moments in the evening when both kids are sleeping, pretty much whenever is socialt acceptable. BUT, snapping pictures of projects in actual daglight is somewhat of a challenge. It’s normally dark when I leave the house, and dark when I get home.

The other day though, when I got home from work a nice suprise was waiting for me in the mailbox. My christmas gift that I treated myself to. I bought a few skeins of pretty red Traveler Sport, and one skein of Chamomille Primo fingering from Plucky Knitter, right before christmas. It was the first time ordering Plucky yarn for me, and I must say, it was well worth, both the money and the wait. The yarn itself is so soft that I spent half my evening yesterday stroking it. And the colors. I mean wow. Just wow.


As usual, details can be viewed in ravelry.

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