Two mittens, two sizes

So.. I don’t do color-work particularly often. It’s fun but I have a hard time maintainaning my gauge when I do, because it requires me to hold the yarn differently than what I’m used to. I’ve finally finished my Perianth mittens, and I quite like how they turned out despite the fact that I wasn’t quite convinced about the color-choice. I think I might knit them again, but with two solid yarns with much more contrast. The pattern was actually that fun.

Even though I knitted both mittens, one after the other, you can kind of tell, I got used to knitting with two colors, so the result is that the first mitten is somewhat bigger. Especially the bortom half, is wider. It’s not quite enough to make me rip the first mitten, and since I’m going to be the one to wear the gloves, I can probably live with the slight size mismatch, but it’s enough to annoy me just a little bit.

Oh, well, with practice comes perfect. Clearly, I need to do more colorwork. Besides, the mittens don’t even match in color, so I’ll just call them quirky and move on to the next project.

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1 Response to Two mittens, two sizes

  1. I love them! I think I need to make mittens.

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