London, beers and a whole lotta ripping

Last week I was away on a business trip to London. I was expecting some quiet resting time, and to catch up on some knitting, but that really wasn’t the case. The days where packed with training, and the evenings with socializing over beers (which isn’t too bad at all), so there was very little time for anything else. I didn’t even have the time to get to a yarn shop, which is probably just as well, since my stash is absolutely full (yes, I know, I could get bigger/more bins, but I’m moving in about 3 months, so I’m actively trying to get rid of stuff, rather than accumulating).

We didn’t do all that much sightseeing, there really wasn’t all that much time, but we did take the London eye, and I must say, London is absolutely stunning, especially in the evening.

I brought a knitting, of course, and extra yarn to start a sweater, but the only knitting I actually ended up doing, was on the plane. Quite efficiently, I knitted almost an entire glove. I didn’t bring the colorwork overall (the pattern is 1305-17B) I’m working on for Noah. It was too big and too many threads to keep track of while traveling. I was excited to get back to that knitting, because up until now, it’s been loads of fun.

My excitement quickly turned into frustration. I’ve grown a little spoiled reading american patterns. They’re quite extensive, with charts showing increases and decreases and everything. Norwegian patterns aren’t quite as pedagogical. I get one chart, which is the 32 stitch pattern repeat. The amount of stitches on the needle isn’t divisible by 32, and nothing makes any sense. I’ve asked Facebook for advise, but the answers didn’t really help.

For about three days I’ve been absolutely stuck, ripping, knitting and repeating the process, without any progress at all. I really want the overall, otherwise I’d put the knitting in an angry corner and start something else. But I hate quitting, and I’m sure that once I get it, it will go back to being a fun knit. Right now though, I’ve made nothing and I want to rip out my hair and scream.

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