Snawheid in the hospital

I’m seeing a negative pattern here. The past two easters have been spent in the hospital. Last year, due to my pregnancy and a small placental abruption, and now due to baby Noah and complications from chickenpox.

The start of the easier holidays has been tough indeed. Baby Noah got chickenpox from his older brother, and started getting rashes on Monday. It looked normal enough, even though he was completely covered by them, but on Thursday his fever spiked and it wouldn’t go down, no matter what we did. After a few hours we decided to go to the emergency room. I rushed off from work, and met husband and baby at the hospital. By then his skin color was dark red, with purplish tones. Looked really scary. We where received in the quaranteen room, since chickenpox is really contagious. They suspected a major skin infection, something called Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome. They gave him monster doses of painkillers and fever relievers in combination with broad spectrum antibiotics. We got transported with ambulance from the emergency room to a hospital more specialized in small children and infections. I spent a total of two days in the hospital with Noah, while he was in a pretty bad state. Luckily the infection turned out to not be 4S, rather it was thought that he had a very severe reaction to the chickenpox virus itself. There was no bacteria in his blood stream, which is a good thing, and allthough they kept treating with antibiotics to help is immunesystem along, the whole thing turned out to be less complicated than what was initially thought.
After a day or so, the fever broke, and allthough he was weak and not eating, he wasn’t burning up anymore. He got fluids, and more meds and I had a sleepless night untangling him from wires and medical equipment and eventually we got to go home, where he actually started playing and eating again. This little fella knows how to scare the living crap out of his parents, and create some drama. I spent my days in bed with him, knitting away at my Snawheid, while he slept on my chest.

During the chickenpox episode, I heard many people around me asking if they could meet us to expose their kids and get the disease overwith. I get it, for the most part this isn’t a dangerous disease. But it’s quite uncomfortable, even in its milder forms, so I wouldn’t recommend anyone intentionally exposing their kids to this. Furthermore the health care system in Sweden treats this as a harmless disease. It’s actually not. There are several, quite common, complications. I would recommend anyone that can, to actually vaccinate their children. I would have, but it wouldn’t have helped Noah, since he’s too young for the vaccine and would have been exposed to he virus by other kids at his brother’s daycare. The vaccine is not part of the general vaccination program in Sweden, but you can get and pay for it yourself. If you ask me, it’s worth it. The cost of loosing 1-2 weeks work is higher, and you don’t have to deal with any discomfort.

As for why it’s not part of the vaccination program is beyond me. Many countries already have it as a standard, so there’s no medical reason to not include the vaccine. So it’s a political and / or economical question. Well, I don’t have any actual figures, but I’m pretty sure that the cost of having people stay at home and care for sick kids for two weeks per child is more costly, without even counting  the the primary and hospital care for the kids unfortunate enought to need it. And then there’s all the kids who get so sick thet don’t make it. The doctor at the hospital informed me that there are several such cases every year. That, you can’t put a price tag on. And doing nothing, when there’s a vaccine is simply unforgivable. Our politicians need to reconsider. Gör om gör rätt, as we say in Sweden.

We’re lucky, and we’re home. We even managed a short walk today. Flashing the finished Snawheid. I’ve actually finished multiple projects recently, but due to everything going on, I’m a little behind on taking pictures. Stay tuned.


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1 Response to Snawheid in the hospital

  1. polwygle says:

    I am so glad you are all home. I am so sorry you went through this! Glad to hear all is better now. Hoping for you it stays that way for a good long while.

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