Failed realtors and a Stripe Study Shawl fueled by nerves

It’s been quite hectically recently. Work, selling the house, chicken poxy children. You name it. We’ve known about the house sale for about a year, since we bought our new home. The market in Stockholm is quite crazy. And also crazy fast, except our first realtor totally screwed up and once we went through the entire process, thinking that the house was sold, the buyer got cold feet, so now we have to start over again. It’s probably just as well, since I wasn’t happy with anything in the process. We’ve gotten a different realtor and we hope to get an alltogether better price for our house. Things are looking up, but it’s just such a hassle, since we have to clean and stage and stay away from the house allover again.

In the meantime though, my husband is running around and about, attempting to fix every little flaw and imperfection in the house. It’s driving me somewhat crazy (and my lack of enthusiasm is driving him somewhat crazy). We all have different ways of dealing with stress I guess. My superior way is of course knitting. It calms me. So I’ve been knitting a lot. Mostly during my commute to work. I’ve switch from reading the morning paper to listening to audible and furiously knitting away at my Stripe Study shawl. And boy, was it a fast knit. And fun too.

12825915_468206783378452_615649965_n_medium2The Stripe Study shawl is fun, because there’s pretty much something going on all the time throughout the process, but it’s not difficult in any way, and you don’t need to consult the pattern particularly often. It’s matched my current mindset quite well.

I bought the turqoise yarn for the project last year, from the local image_medium2indie dyer Dandelionyarns in Stockholm. It’s all organic, and a blend of mohair and merino. It’s not the softest yarn but it has a really nice shine to it. I had some matching yellow mohair blend yarn from Pickles when I was planning the shawl, but it wasn’t enough yardage, so during my christmas splurge I bought some pretties from Plucky – amongst other things this beautiful skein of primo fingering in the chamomille colorway. It’s a match made in heaven if I may say so myself.

The shawl has twelve “sections” between the yellow stripes, and I divided those sections up between the gradience kit so I do four sections in the first, darkest skein, then three in the next color, two in the next two colors, and a only one section in the lightest color. I like the way it turned out, and I think the gradience gives the shawl an extra pop. I could tell quite early on that this would end up being one of my favorite knitted items in a long time.

As usual, the details can be found on ravelry.



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4 Responses to Failed realtors and a Stripe Study Shawl fueled by nerves

  1. Becca says:

    I never would have paired those colors together but they are FANTASTIC! I hope the home selling process goes better for you this second time around. That sounds so stressful.

    • tuathaa says:

      Thanks! I am very pleased with the result. I had the gradience kit lying around for a while before I decided what to do, so I had some time to look at the combination of yarns.

  2. Marion says:

    beautiful work and great use of time ! I cycle to work so I am envious that you can knit during your commute !

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