Denim Emelie in the French vineyards

This cardigan has been lying in the “almost finished” pile for far too long. And then it spent even longer in the “actively wearing, but haven’t gotten around to snapping photos” -pile.

Vacationing in France (more on that in my next post) provided a brief opportunities for snapping some photos in an unusually pretty environment.


I love this cardigan. I wear it all the time. I made the medium length version, which I feel was a very good choice, since I can wear it with both dresses, skirts and pants. The yarn was bought (and the project planned) two years ago, in Florida. I love the colorway of Betty Draper blue from MadelineTosh. I’m not sure why I waitìed so long to actually start this project, but I guess I didn’t quite want to wing it, between pregnancies and such. Which such pretty pattern and yarn, I really wanted to make it well-fitting to the size I am normally.

The buttons come from my mothers old stash which was given to me last year or so. I think the silvery buttons toughen up the cardigan a little bit, making it less conservative and more me. As usual, I lengthened the sleeves of the cardigan a little bit, since I prefer long sleeves to three quarters. In retrospect I should’ve knitted a few more rounds, but it’s hardly a dealbreaker. At some point I might add a buttonband, but right now, I don’t think it’s necessary. The buttons aren’t very heavy and the fabric is stretchy without being wobbly.

The pattern was well-written and fun, but I had a bit of a hard time memorizing the front panel stitches in the beginning. Took quite long to get the rythm of it. While wearing the cardigan at work someone who knew it was a handknit told me it looked storebought. Which is a nice compliment I think. Except it fits better than a storebought item, since I’m a very short person with very narrow shoulders.


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