Catching up – a little bit of everything

It’s been a while since my last post. With the pseudo-move to a new house, and living out of cardboardboxes for the last few months there’s been little time for anything.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I’ve managed to get some knitting done, finishing off the last of my Denim blue Emelie cardigan, a summer-top and getting a few other things on the needle. There’s just been very little time for photo-sessions, and blog-writing, with both kids at home. I did some work-related travelling, where I had very few yarn-y encounters, and allthough I found myself having knitting time on the plane, the planned project I brought didn’t pan off. Coming home I just ripped and restarted with a different project for the intended yarn. This whole ordeal was frustrating enough to merit it’s own future post.

Finally, we went on vacation. We spent most of it in the countryside, in Saint Sulpice de Falyerens, which is a part of the St Emilion wine district, just outside of Bordeaux. Naturally we spent our time sipping nice wine and overeating. And knitting. My in-laws where quite impressed with my evening / night time knitting capabilities in little to no lighting. It’s not like I was knitting lace or anything though, and stockinette I can almost do in my sleep.

My yarn-related endeavours where, however, not as impressive as the wines. The day we decided to go to Bordeaux, and La Lainerie, they also decided to renovate the store, so it was unfortunately closed for business. The local markets had an extremely small variety of yarns, and only the acrylic or cheap cotton kind. Not to sound like snob or anything, but such yarn is hardly worth transporting back to Sweden. The local market in Libourne (the nearest town) did have a stall with sewing accessories. And boy, did they have some nice buttons and somesuch. Rummaging through it all, in nearly 40 degrees heat with two sweaty and thirsty children proved difficult so I just bought a few items quickly and settled for that.

After nearly a two weeks in France we decided it was time to go home. Eliah was missing his friends, and hanging out with family for two weeks is quite intense. After two days in the car, we finally made it home. I got a long stretch of stockinette done in the car, and my stash is (was?) for once actually shrinking. At least until I got home and started browsing online. For the moment I’m still stuck in “Stockinette hell”, nursing a growing second sleeve syndrome.

I hope I’ll get the chance to do a photoshoot soon to show off the other finished items I’ve managed to get off my needles. The weather in Sweden is quite warm for now though, so I’m not really excited to put on a cardigan and go out. Maybe I’ll find a nice spot in the woods somewhere, chasing down Pokémons or something. Yes, that’s my new timesink. Until next time.

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