Yarny deliveries

This year I’ve been pretty good at not buying new yarns and knitting away at my stash which grew embarasingly large during last year. However, with two trips that where disappointing from a yarn-related perspective (there was nothing otherwise wrong with them), I decided to treat myself. After all, I haven’t bought any yarn in almost six months, that has got to be some kind of world record.

First, a friend of mine was on the beautiful Island of Gotland. We’d discussed briefly that I was interested in some yarn from there, and he called me up and asked what I wanted. I got six beautiful skeins of what looks like handspun Swedish yarn. Straight from the farmer. It smells like sheep. It’s undyed but the color is sort of a blended grey, with speckles of more lighter and darker shades of gray and white. I’m going to sit on this yarn for a bit, until I find the perfect project. Also, I have to measure wpi or something, because I’m not sure about the yarn weight or how much yardage I actually have. But I hope there’s enough for a cardigan or a sweater. I need to find a nice rustic pattern, that will work for cold autumn evenings or winter nights.


I also recently bought some yarn from Norwegian Pickles. I usually do, when they have sales. I can’t help myself. This time I bought a color, a little bit outside my comfort-zone. When going through my stash, I noticed that I almost only kept yarns in various blue or possibly green shades, so this yarn is yellow. A light lemony yellow in a cold tone. I very much like it, especially since it’s a blend between merino, mohair and wool, which gives it a bit of a fuzziness. I need to do something vintag-y with it. Either some type of vintage top, or a delicate cardigan.


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Finally, I’ve also signed up for NBK:s October to December yarn club, fulfilling one of my new years resolutions. I’m really excited to receive my two monthly skeins. I decided to go big (instead of going home) and went for the luxurious yarn bases for colored fingering yarn, and their grey club. I couldn’t decide so I just thought, what the hell.

So many plans, so precious little knitting time…

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2 Responses to Yarny deliveries

  1. polwygle says:

    Ooh ooh, that naked wool from Gotland looks perfect for a gansey.

    • tuathaa says:

      I’ll have to check that out. For now, I’m busy knitting baby gifts (why do everyone decide to have kids all at once?) and a few christmas items. So I think those yarns are going to have to make themselves comfortable in my stash for a little bit.

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