Silky, turqoise Praline

This seems like the never-ending project. I’ve been working on this cardigan for MONTHS. Not because it was in any way difficult to knit. Somewhere along the line, it just seemed too small. And that put me off. It sort of got stuck in my wip’s for ages, just waiting for the buttonbands and the buttons.

Well, I decided enough was enough, and I’ve been working on finishing a few items, amongst other things, this cardigan, hoping that blocking it will bring it closer to fitting me. Starting ego-knits while still shedding pregnancy kilos, might in retrospect not have been the best idea ever, but at some point I have to start knitting for myself again, even though I’m not perfectly happy with my post-pregnancy body. It might be a while before I’m back to “normal”. Or maybe this is the new “normal”. Either way blocking did most of the trick.

It’s still very short. Much shorter than what I’m used to (and I actually added some length to the original pattern). I think that’s just the model. It works very well with high waisted skirts or dresses, but less so with jeans. After initially being quite unsure about this, I actually quite like it now. It has given me the excuse to invest in some more fancy skirts for work so that I have several outfits to choose from and it works very well with my office summer dresses.

I love the arms, which I modified to be full length rather than three quarters, and I love the bird pattern that makes up the structure of the fabric. I love the yarn, both the look and feel, and the color. And I really love the buttons. The only downside is that the buttons are quite heavy. In combination with the supersoft yarn, it makes the buttonband bubbly, so I had to fix that by sewing some fabric lining under the buttonband to stabilize it.

The cardigan has been done now, for quite some time, but snapping pictures just proved too difficult. Either way, completing this, my Hifotude, and my Emelie, completed the #trippelkofta challenge, of knitting three well-fitting cardigans in a year. Actually I was like a month short of hitting that target. But for me it counts.


As usual you can see the project on my ravelry page.

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