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London, beers and a whole lotta ripping

Last week I was away on a business trip to London. I was expecting some quiet resting time, and to catch up on some knitting, but that really wasn’t the case. The days where packed with training, and the evenings … Continue reading

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Two mittens, two sizes

So.. I don’t do color-work particularly often. It’s fun but I have a hard time maintainaning my gauge when I do, because it requires me to hold the yarn differently than what I’m used to. I’ve finally finished my Perianth … Continue reading

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Christmas allover again

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve started working again, which by the way is awesome. Unfortunately this means that the knitting blog has been somewhat neglected. Work, everyday life and the techblog have dominated my free time. I … Continue reading

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Flash da Stash 2016

Every year, there’s a tradition on Ravelry to flash your so called stash. Up until now, my stash has been pretty modest, but last year I kind of overdid it and bought tremendous amounts of yarn, so this year, there’s … Continue reading

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Summarizing 2015 – year of yarn and birth

Wow. What a year it’s been. I mean really, without exagerating. It all started with the mother of all crappy pregnancies, which endes with the birth of little baby boy Noah, 7 weeks ahead of schedule, and severe pre-eclampsia and … Continue reading

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New years resolutions crafting style

So it’s this time of year again, where people start making promised they can’t keep. I’m not usually a person that does new years resolutions. I’m notoriously bad at comitting to things just because it’s a new year. I need … Continue reading

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Noah’s purple dream and the gender debate

Such a cute pattern. Such a boring knit. I’m awesome, or atleast my self-discipline is. It was hard to finish. But I do like the end result. Now, there’s some debate, wether or not the choice of color was a … Continue reading

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Bad christmas mojo and thoughts on ripping

Wait, it’s like one more week until christmas? You have┬áto be joking. This actually means that I’m on my last few days of parental leave. Part of me is very happy to be back at work. I’ve had some of … Continue reading

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Harvest Borough

This week comes with two posts. Mostly because this project is waay overdue. I actually finished this project way back in October, and was going to take all kinds of pretty pictures with pumpkins and other harvest related props. But … Continue reading

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It finally fits!

Baby Noah has finally grown into one of his baby outfits, I knitted for him while in the hospital! And the timing is great, since the weather is getting a bit colder! He seems to like all things knitted, and … Continue reading

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